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How it works

Flight Director embraces the power and far reaching capability of global communications to source passengers wishing to share Luxury Travel at a fraction of the cost. By sharing a private charter aeroplane or helicopter, the cost is shared among the passengers with one passenger, the Flight Director, benefiting from a 50% discount as a reward for leading the booking process through the stages of sourcing, booking, management of jet-poolers, payment and flight confirmation.

Search flight plans

Search all the Flight Plans currently created and listed on our system. Search for a particular route, a destination or Flight ID.

Share Costs

Share a flight with other Jet-Poolers who have the same itinerary in order to share and therefore reduce the cost of luxury charter aeroplane and helicopter travel

Flight Directors

Become a Flight Director to benefit from a 50% reduction on your fare. Use the Flight Director Console to organise the flight with ease and travel in luxury for a fraction of the cost.

Departure Lounge

Enter the Virtual Departure Lounge along with your fellow Jet-Poolers to access the chat, notice board and detailed flight itinerary.

Flight Director Console

Flight Director Tasks made simple.

Use our Console to guide you through the process. Our Console features easy links with Charter Operators and Brokers to make the process of finding the perfect flight to suit your needs, a simple one. Each step along the path is made clear and straightforward enabling the Flight Director to focus on the task of managing the flight.

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Flight Directors Discount

Take on the role of Flight Director. Follow the step by step process on our Flight Director Console and be rewarded with a 50% discount on a jet-pooler share of the cost.

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  • About Us

    With over 50 years of combined experience in the aviation industry, we at Flight Director, have seen a rise in demand for bespoke flight itineraries and a significant surge in demand for charter flights. Traditionally, the cost of on-demand charter flights has made them prohibitively expensive for many passengers. However, we recognise and embrace the power in global communications to facilitate the sharing of these flights, bringing them within the grasp of a much wider audience. Meet, Share, Fly!

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